Scientists have shown how trends in behavior take hold of a population and spread like wildfire when a certain number of people subscribe to a new behavior. Like the popularity of the hula-hoop in the 60s, and the cell phone in recent years.

Today, increases in yoga and meditation practices in many communities are also showing a trend. That is the promise for self-realization and living in the present moment.

The Author discusses how in overcoming challenges, embracing higher energy levels and engaging in heightening awareness, people become happier and more balanced. Individually, their lives are more free and fulfilling. As a population, communities of aware people will raise the Earth’s vibrational energies, bringing about world healing and world peace.

An insightful book with excellent suggestions for becoming self-aware, and creating world peace. Readers will most appreciate her conversational narrative style, her personal stories and easy-to-follow steps. Her live examples of her  clients’ Radical Awakening experiences bring home the message of how to awaken to the truth of who we are.