Catherine Allon, BSc., MEd., is a Spiritual Counselor and Consultant for over 20 years. In 1998, while in Los Angeles California, her life changed dramatically as she became self-realized through a process called Radical Awakening. She walked out of that session into the light of day with her senses heightened, her mind still, and felt as though she was connected with nature and all around her.

Returning to Toronto, she decided to leave her well-paid and much loved position to help bring more awareness to the world.

As a Spiritual Counselor, her goal is to help awaken people who are depressed, trapped or stuck in their lives or those who are seekers and meditators. When people become more aware, they are able to follow their passion and live a life of greater success, good health, happiness and fulfillment.

As a certified Kundalini Yoga teacher since 2000, she has been teaching yoga classes in recreation and community centres and YMCAs.

Before her awakening from 1990-98, she worked as a Project Consultant at the Ministry of Health with community groups and government funded agencies. In her last four years, there she served as a Consultant to CEOs for over 45 Mental Health and Addictions Treatment agencies.

Contact her at (647) 223-2540, or by email at ccawaken@ca.inter.net, or www.energyawakening.com